Calon Rocker Pindah Rumah!

Kompilasi Jamming Track, Cover & Lagu Ciptaan Calon Rocker

15 Wasted Years 


00:01 Go! *
01:52 Simplified Engineering The Art Of Noise*
04:10 TechNoShred*
06:25 Q&A*
08:56 For The Shy*
11:06 5 Minutes to The Witching Hours*
16:42 St. Co*
18:25 Never Go Full Retard!**
21:25 Lagi Syantik - Siti Badriah Parody (Lagi Syerem)***
23:03 The Truth Untold Guitar - BTS Cover Feat. Andrea*** 
25:05 We Have a Bear**
27:30 Release The Ankh**
29:59 Judi - Rhoma Irama (Rock Cover Version)***

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